Blender Rigify Course - Updates, Price Increase & Discord

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that my Rigify Course will be updated in the next days/hours. I have finished recording and editing a whole new Rigging Session: Rigging a Dragon.

You can watch a preview video here:

Rigify Module 3 Sneak Peek

The process features creating a fully custom face rig (and integrating it into Rigify), something that many of you have requested.

If you bought the course already, you'll get this update for FREE. I'll send you an email as soon as I upload the files. You'll also get at least one more session for free (an Ogre rig that I am already working on)

If you haven't bought the course yet, now would be a good time because the price will go up after I upload the Dragon rigging session. To be precise the price will go up from $15 to $30 (x2) on the 30th of July. There isn't much time.

So get it now for a low price and secure your access to the Dragon and Ogre rigging sessions!


Finally, I just set up a discord server. There is literally no one there as I write this so come and join me as one of the first CGDive discord members :)

Join me on Discord

Thank you,

Get the Course now, at low price!