Rigify Course: OGRE Update! (last chance to get the early bird discount)

I have just updated Rig Anything With Rigify with the first chapter of the Ogre rig!

You can watch a preview of this new series here:


Everyone who bought the course already: 

Thank you! Please go to your Gumraod Library and download the new file: Ogre_part_1.zip This is only the first video. I'll be releasing about 1 video per day over the next weeks so check the files for updates regularly. I don't want to spam your email daily but I'll remind you about new videos once a week or so. 

Don't have the course yet?

This is the last chance to get it at a lower price and receive all the updates. The price will slowly increase as I add the new chapters. 

I also created options to buy individual Modules. This course has become quite comprehensive and diverse. If you only need a portion of it, you can now choose the parts that are of interest to you.

Thank you,

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