[40% OFF] "The art of effective Rigging in Blender" and other products by Pierrick

Hi everyone,

if you don't know Pierrick, he's a badass rigger and animator who works with Blender. He also makes great Blender courses.

Pierrick has made a name for himself in our community. He just hit 10k followers on Twitter and 40k Subscribers on YouTube. Congrats!

40% OFF until the 1st of August 2021

To celebrate, he is running a special 40% discount on ALL of his products! It's valid until the 1st of August 2021. All you need to do is use coupon code "10k40k" at checkout. 

(NOTE: I am affiliated with Pierrick. If you buy from any of the links below, I (CGDive) will receive a commission)

"The art of effective Rigging in Blender"

Pierrick's flagship product is "The art of effective Rigging in Blender". If you want to take your character rigging skills to the next level, this course is highly recommended.


Mega Bundle

Like a good deal? The Mega Bundle includes as many as three video courses. Topics covered: modeling, sculpting, retopo, UVs, texturing, shading, and more. If you buy the bundle rather than the individual courses you already save 40%. Add coupon "10k40k" on top of that and you'll save an additional 40%, for a total of ... wait, I am bad at this kind of math. But it's a really sweet deal, OK! :D


All Other products

The discount ("10k40k") applies to all of his other products. Check them out! https://gumroad.com/a/183891059


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