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Hi, my name is Todor. I am the creator of CGDive ( where I share in-depth CG tutorials. Follow me for updates, free stuff, and special discounts.

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CGDive: The Vault - Rigging and Animation Tutorials [SUBSCRIPTION]

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CGDive: The Vault - Rigging and Animation Tutorials [SUBSCRIPTION]

Todor -
3 ratings

What is CGDive?

Hi, my name is Todor. I am the creator of CGDive.

CGDive is a place for 3D tutorials (YouTube / Website). My focus is on rigging and animation techniques in Blender 3D and game engines. Some topics I've covered in-depth so far:

  • Rigging with Rigify (Free auto-rigger for Blender): Playlist
  • Rigging with Auto-Rig Pro: Playlist
  • Exporting characters from Blender to Game Engines such as Unreal, Unity, and Godot: Playlist
  • Mocap & Retargeting in Blender: Playlist
  • Weight Painting in Blender: Playlist
  • Addon and Tool reviews: Playlist

In tandem with a talented addon developer (Blenderboi), we have also automated some of my workflows and released them as add-ons: Game Rig Tools & Retarget Helper.

What is The Vault?

The Vault gives you early access to CGDive content and bonuses. Aaaand - possibly - the satisfaction of supporting my work :)

You'll get:

  • early access to CGDive content
  • stream and download Ad-free videos
  • exclusive scene files and resources
  • support an independent creator (?)


This is a list of the videos currently in The Vault. More will be uploaded each week. The ones marked with "💥Exclusive" are not yet available on YouTube.

Current 💥Exclusive💥 content:

💥Mechanical Rigging & Cables (Exclusive 5 part series - 1 hour 16 min)

New Quick Tips

💥: Bone X-ray Visibility settings (Exclusive: 4 min)
💥 Bone Representation in Blender (Exclusive: 16 min)

If you wonder why bones sometimes look weird after importing an FBX in Blender, this video may hold the answer. :)

Non-exclusive videos (available on YouTube)

The videos below are already available on YouTube but some of them feature project files only available in the Vault. (exclusive content is marked with the 📦 icon)

◎Mixamo Addon for Blender Series

  • Part 1 - Basics
  • Part 2 - Working with textured meshes
  • Part 3 - Fixing Control Rig issue
  • Part 4 - Additional Q&A
  • 📦Part 5 - adding a Face Rig to Mixamo
  • 📦ExpyKit AddonExpyKit Addon (Mixamo + Rigify!)


  • 📦Custom Rig Retargeting example

Tips & Tricks

  • Blender Trick: alt+click & Copy to Selected
  • Compatibility issues between Blender 3.0 and earlier
  • Fixing unexpected size changes (when parenting a character to a rig)
  • Simple UI tweaks you'll love
  • Find missing files and pack files into .blend file

Tools, Addons, and Product Reviews

◎Rigify Tips

  • Generating Rigify Fingers Correctly (13min) : Learn how to generate the Rigify Fingers correctly.
  • -The NEW Rigify Face in Blender 3+ (19min) : Find out how to use the new and improved Rigify face rig in Blender 3.0+

Discounts :)

This is a monthly subscription service.

If you decide to pre-pay for the next 3/6/12 months, you'll get a 5%/10%/20% discount, respectively.

Why should I subscribe?

This service is for people who appreciate CGDive and want to get access to my videos as soon as possible. Most people actually just want to support the channel 🤯.

I am offering something similar on Patreon. But the Gumroad platform offers a much better experience, in my opinion.


Is this service for 2022 only?

The plan is to keep the service going indefinitely. As long as you're subscribed, you'll keep getting early access to my content. To keep things organized, I may have to archive some of the content at end of the year. I'll make sure to give subscribers access to the archives.

Can I unsubscribe easily?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you're having problems with the service, just let me know. My email address will be included in the files. If you end up paying fees you didn't intend to pay, I can give you a refund (up to one month). Just get in touch.

What happens to the content I had access to if I cancel my membership?

You'll lose access to the Vault. You will no longer be able to download files and stream videos from the service.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, I can give you a refund for up to one month! If you, e.g. forgot to unsubscribe in time, just get in touch with me.

How is The Vault different from Patreon?

You get more or less the same "perks" on both services but the Vault is better, in my opinion. The videos are better organized, and you can stream them as well. I'll keep Patreon because it's popular but if you're trying to choose one or the other, I'd recommend The Vault.

Why don't you just release the videos on YT?

Partly, to give incentive for people to support me. ;) In order to keep working on CGDive at the current pace - basically full-time - I have to earn a living :)
But that's not all. YouTube likes regular updates. This way of doing things enables me to keep a consistent upload schedule (once per week at this time) while offering a special service to my supporters.

How about ... (a super cool idea that would make the Vault attractive to you)?

Get in touch with me and we can discuss it :)

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