(50% OFF) [Blender] Auto-Rig Pro - Video Course

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(50% OFF) [Blender] Auto-Rig Pro - Video Course

Todor - cgdive.com
19 ratings

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This is companion content to my Auto-Rig Pro Course on YouTube. Most videos will be released on YT for free. Buying this product is optional but you'll get some bonuses.

(Auto-Rig Pro is a rigging addon for Blender: https://blendermarket.com/products/auto-rig-pro/?ref=356)

Free Base Meshes

If you just want the basic .blend files to follow along with my YouTube videos, you can get them for free from my base mesh repository: https://toshicg.gumroad.com/l/cgdive_free


  • Chapter 3: Rigging Humans using "Smart" (watch on YouTube)
    All about quickly rigging humanoid
    • exclusive content: Progress Files

  • Chapter 4: Rigging Quadrupeds (1 hour+ content, early access)
    • Part 1: Quadruped Basics & Dog rigging (watch on YouTube)
    • Part 2: Horse Rigging & Props weight paint
    • Part 3: Fox Rigging & Facial rig
    • exclusive content: Progress Files, Reference images

  • Chapter 5: Behind the (Cut)scenes: (1 hour+ content, early access)
    This is a special chapter in which I show how I created the "cutscenes" in Chapter 2 (ARP VS Rigify).

  • Unlike other tutorials, it shows my workflow with all addons and tools I am using and it covers a lot of topics
    • generating a character with Ready Player Me
    • Retargeting workflow
    • Linking/Appending rigged characters
    • NLA tricks: fixing character position when combining actions, editing action with additive layers, fixing sliding feet
    • exclusive content: Auto-Rig Pro mapping preset for Rigify, the ARP VS Rigify blend scene with all NLA actions.

Plans for the future

To set the expectations right, I want to let you know that the course won't see any updates during August 2022. From September 2022 I'll be able to work on ARP videos again and you'll start seeing new and updated videos :)

If you opt to pay for this course, you get:

  • early access to new videos (I post once per week on YouTube. Here you'll get any video that I have already finished)
  • the starting .blend files that I use in the tutorials
  • progress and final files that I save while recording the videos
  • helpful resources*
  • ad-free videos for download and streaming
  • my thanks! :)

*Resources are little things that I create while working on the tutorials.

I want this!


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